The Course at Hyperion Field Club

Each tee complex has four teeing areas. The player should use their individual handicap to determine which tee box to use.

Black markers designate championship tees and are for handicaps of 9 or less.
Dark green markers designate back tees and are for handicaps of 10 - 16.
Yellow tee markers designate middle tees and are for handicaps of 17 - 24.
White tee markers designate forward tees and are for handicaps of 25 and above.
The four-tee system is designed to enhance the enjoyment of the course for players of all abilities. The tee to handicap designation is a recommendation only. You are welcome to play any tee block you wish during open play. Finally, a set of light green tee blocks are placed well ahead of the teeing area and are intended for beginning junior golfers.

To aid the golfer while playing the fairway, there is a white disk in the middle of the fairway and green posts on each side of the fairway, which designate 150 yards to the middle of the green. We have recently added red marks to define 100 yards from the green and blue marks on each par 5 to define 200 yards from the green. Each water head is also marked with the distance to the center of the green. A yardage book is available in the golf shop to help you determine distances as well. Golf carts are allowed on the fairway and there is no 90-degree rule. Once the cart is on the path, it is to remain on the path to the next tee area. The cart should then continue on the path until the cart is past the teeing area of the hole being played. Carts should never be operated closer than 30 feet from the green. If you take a divot in the bentgrass, we ask that you replace the divot, step it down, and use the seed and soil mix provided on the golf carts to sprinkle on the seam. If the divot is not replaceable, fill the hole with seed and soil mix. Hyperion maintains numerous fairway and greenside bunkers. Rakes are provided to smooth the sand. When you leave a bunker, we ask that you place the rake outside the bunker on the side away from the green or fairway.

The greens at Hyperion are known to be some of the most challenging in the Midwest. There are very few blind shots into the greens but to aid in determining pin position, a three day rotation schedule is printed on the scorecard. The pin position for that day is posted on the 1st and 10th tee. You are encouraged to fix any ball marks you have made as well as any others you may find. As of 1997, Hyperion is a spikeless facility. Shoes with metal spikes of any type are not allowed on the premises.

You will find a snack shop in the middle of the golf course by the 6th and 12 tee complete with telephone and restrooms. The club has installed a storm warning system. Sirens are strategically placed throughout the golf course. Please note that when the siren sounds twice, you should immediately evacuate the golf course and take shelter either in the clubhouse or the rain shelters provided by 11 tee or 16 tee. These shelters are not lightning protected so if at all possible, take cover in the clubhouse. Please do not resume play until the horn sounds once to signify all clear.

Golf Course Superintendent: Jim Sedrel has been at Hyperion since 2017.
Assistant Superintendent: Chuck Schweikert has been at Hyperion since 1999.

The golf course maintenance area is located next to the 8th teeing area. A new maintenance building was constructed in 1991. The goal of the maintenance staff is to provide tournament ready conditions on a daily basis with minimal inconvenience to the golfer. If you have questions concerning course maintenance, the staff can be reached at